Becoming a Travel and Gambling Member offers you the opportunity in choosing any trip you wish to have ever. Spending a luxury weekend in a 5* hotel where the doors will be open for you and you will be entertained like a special guest.


Travel and Gambling come up to all qualified players who want to visit and having a lot of extra fun all around the world.


      You will be welcomed like a Vip Customer for all long of your travel, no need to search for a taxi to the airport, no need to make any reservation for your dinners, party clubs or any other of activities you want to have.
      You might also be thinking how you can have all the expenses covered and the only require for you, is to choose a trip for minimum three days, book it, and on the first day of your trip, you will make a Casino Deposit from which you will play minimum 4 hours per day. You must pay the deposit when you arrive at the casino but you do not have to gamble all of it as long as you play at least 4 hours each day.
      Becoming a member you will be able to book any gambling tour from our online catalog and have your own profile from where you can interact with our team in a live application for support.With a personal profile on Travel and Gambling, you can order every time different trip under any membership level.If now you booked one premium tour, next time you can purchase a gold tour or vice versa.
      As part of the exclusive Travel and Gambling experience, our membership offers a world-class reward program with benefits precisely tailored to your desires.
      Four membership levels are available from Premium to Diamond, with exclusive advantages that only members can enjoy.


The level of membership a player receives is based on their Casino Deposit.